Oil Panting

Painting as a medium is my first love and my inspiration to be an artist. As a child I would draw often however, I wanted to be a painter. I began painting with acrylics and eventually enjoyed using oil. As a beginner I received no instruction, all freestyle. After struggling and getting frustrated because I could not create the images I had in my mind, I then decided to attend Andrea Rushing’s San Diego Art Academy in Barrio Logan, San Diego and studied oil painting. Under the Master Rushing I learned the technical skills to capture depth and photo realism. As a painter now,  I am playing with concepts of surrealism. 

“Selfie Buddha” by Gerald Lovato, framed oil on panel
“Succulent” by Gerald Lovato, oil on wood
“Bridge” by Gerald Lovato, oil on redwood
“Be Water” by Gerald Lovato, oil on panel with epoxy resin
“Queso” by Gerald Lovato, oils on canvas
“Chicano Batman” by Gerald Lovato, oil on panel