After taking a digital photography class with Stefan Batista at Central New Mexico Community College, I fell in love with photography as a medium of art. I naturally had a keen eye for angles and composition and felt like a fish in water in photography.

Veritas-Triumph Together Part 2

Through my short time in Cambridge, the Harvard Boxing Club has served as a support system for me. The club provides a universal cross-cultural connection through the art of combat for all students. Through conversations with peers in the club throughout the semester, I realized that there are many different reasons my teammates chose to practice a combat sport at Harvard. For many, the boxing club adds balance to their rigorous academic work, others want to build confidence, and some simply would like to add a little aggression to their passive way of being. Throughout the semester I have accomplished and witnessed many small triumphant victories in the boxing club. True triumph is done together. Veritas. 


My favorite things to photograph are people. Not models, but gritty portraits. I enjoy the challenge for capturing someones essence and emotion. I love to capture raw, rough, and rugged portraits of people. 


This series was a class project with the goal of exploring experiences at a  mixed martial arts gym. I chose this subject because it was something My goal was to capture the essence of a combat sports team. I set out to explore the depth of what I experienced there when I was training as a professional athlete-the challenges, comradery, and grittiness that is training.


This series I wanted to think about how we alter the landscape around us. How do we as humans change our environment?  


The challenge of this exercise was to capture the essence in a portrait of 3 strangers and 3 people who I know. Can you tell which is which?


In this series my goal was to tell the story using images of light of migration and immigration in the USA and start a conversation; What does it mean to be American?