When most people think of New Mexico they think of the painted skies, colorful sunsets, adobe architecture, “red or green” chile, the “wild wild west”, and maybe even the hit TV show Breaking Bad. There is however, many distinct cultural differences that are significant to the history and story of New Mexico. Many of these stories have not been told. 

My work tells New Mexico’s story using my life as a narrative. With a stroke of a brush or snap of a camera, the colorful, high contrast, surreal, dreamlike storytelling is to exemplify traditions and life lessons of a culture that provide wisdom. Telling my story, is telling many other New Mexican’s stories that are unique to New Mexico. The goal for my work is to connect, inspire, communicate hope and balance, through the universal language of art. My passion is to share the struggles and successes I have experienced growing up in the land of enchantment, and to show the world just how enchanted of a place New Mexico can be. 

American Identity. Chicano Identity. New Mexico Identity.